How to Find a Mattress

Peace of Mind Included

  1. Mattress Quality – Mattress quality matters, because this is what could make or break your night of sleep. To save you time, our goal is to help you avoid purchasing a mattress that does not meet your needs because it either is built poorly and degrades in support over time – or it was just never a great mattress, to begin with.


  1. Price – We all want a good deal and we want to know that the products and services that we are spending our hard-earned cash on are going to serve us well. This is why we believe that price is an important factor when comparing leading brands of mattresses. Our goal is to save you money, by finding brands that offer the best products for less money.


  1. Convenience + Features – This category hones in on what it is like to live with a given mattress. How easy is it to move around? We take that into consideration. How easy is it to get sheets to stick to? We have that covered. Worried about that new-product smell? Worry not, all of these factors (and more) are built into each final review and score. Eager to know what each brand provides along with the purchase of a mattress, or what cool features each offers? This is the category to answer those questions.


  1. Warranty/Customer Care – No one wants to have an issue with any product – let alone one that you depend on for quality sleep – but we all understand that things happen and that sometimes issues can arise. The difference between a good company and a great company is not their ability to make a perfect product, but rather how they go above and beyond to make things right for the customer when something is not satisfactory.


  1. Consumer Reviews – At the end of the day, the other opinions that highly matter are the people who are actively living with these products on a daily basis. Here at Mattress Top Picks, we read countless reviews by buyers just like you, who have left their feedback to help your final decision when it comes time to purchase. Good or bad, the reviews made by actual customers are what determines the score in this category.

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