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Best Mattresses In A Box 2021

We all know the feeling of fatigue on a trip and when you are earnestly looking forward to a restful night of sleep, only to find that the mattress and box spring that your hotel picked is less than satisfactory to your particular body type. Losing sleep in any situation is not fun…


But you are in luck because the year 2021 brings many exciting mattress options for anyone looking for a great night’s sleep.


Actually, 2021 may very well be the year of the Mattress In A Box.


If you are reading this article, it is most likely because you are ready to improve your sleep. Either your rest has never been great or it has just been OK, better sleep is readily available for you with the purchase of a new mattress.


What is a Mattress In A Box?

Remember years of past when you wanted to purchase a new mattress? You had to drive down to your local retail store, spend countless hours dealing with their sales staff, hope that their in-store recommendation was accurate to your needs and that their mattress sale was actually a good deal, load your new purchase onto the top of your vehicle (all whilst hoping that your vehicle would not take flight from the new aero modification), and then painfully lug it into your residence to complete the installation. 


It was a lot of work.


That was then and the mattress in a box is now. Imagine the process of getting a new mattress being as easy as ordering a pizza. We are not implying that receiving a new mattress will need to be a recurring event, but it could be with how easy it is… and if the pizza party turns into a sleep-over, you will be fully prepared.


Jokes aside… Purchasing a new mattress has never been easier.


When you order one of these mattresses (our top picks are mentioned later), a vacuum sealed flat mattress will be shipped directly to your door in a box – a small box. Once you open it up and cut the plastic off, your new bedding will spring to life and take on a typical mattress shape, which can then be situated in your bedroom. The process of installing a new mattress has gone from a frustrating and time-consuming chore, to a satisfying treat — all thanks to mattresses in a box

Idle Sleep


This mattress is our team’s favorite choice when it comes to an all-around good choice. Both brands in this article have their various strengths, but the mattress in a box from Idle sleep has the most features for very reasonable pricing. They offer a variety of different options to cater to your specific needs and the coolest part is: some of them are flippable.


Mattress Quality: 5/5

Memory foam is a proven technology when it comes to mattress quality and longevity. Where the makeup of yesterday’s bedding technology tended to wear out over time, Idle Sleep’s CertiPUR-US® memory foam (with available gel) is specifically designed to endure the test of time, while also not containing the harmful toxins that can often emit unpleasant odors.


Price: 4/5

When you are looking to purchase an Idle Sleep product, you are purchasing a truly premium investment for getting better sleep – with choices. Their mattresses are not the cheapest on the market, but we have a feeling that you did not come here to find mediocre results. Mattress Top Picks believes in the best bang for your buck, so this is why we are excited about Idle Sleep: Luxury sleep for a fraction of the cost. With a queen mattress starting out at just $999, they are on the more expensive end of the market, but we do feel that the price is warranted when you check out all the features that they have to offer. At $1,499, you step up the two-sided mattresses, which is essentially like getting two for the price of one. What we have listed here are their retail prices, but we assure you that Idle Sleep is frequently running sales to help you knock a few extra dollars off the final amount.


Idle Sleep also includes two of their industry-leading pillows… FREE with each mattress purchase. Idle Sleep takes the cost out of shipping and returns, so both of those are completely free as well. They also offer affordable financing options for people who choose to go that route.


Convenience + Features: 5/5

 We mentioned earlier that Idle Sleep makes flippable mattresses. What does that mean? If you guessed that you essentially get two mattresses in one, you would be right! We are super excited about this because it means that if you buy one of their products and one side is simply feeling too soft for your particular body chemistry, simply flop it on the other side to experience a whole new mattress. 


Their mattresses are designed to offer the best type of comfort per side. What this means is that the flippable aspect is not a gimmick… It actually works and it works very well. Our experts were super pleased to find that the softer side was plush and absorbent in touch, while the firm side was a truly different experience altogether.


Each mattress purchase includes two free pillows.


Warranty/Customer Care: 5/5

When you purchase any product from Idle Sleep, you are immediately treated like a premium customer. Their customer care is fabulous and truly makes you sleep at ease when trying out your new mattress. In the first 30 days, if you do not approve of the mattress, Idle Sleep will pick it back up for free. Up to 540 nights, you can return the mattress for a full refund, just as long as you are willing to cover the shipping. This means that if within 18 months of purchasing, you decide that you are just not getting the sleep that was advertised, they will work with you to return the mattress for a full refund. There are no hidden fees and no restocking fees.


Want to know the best part? They have a lifetime warranty for anything that should go wrong with the mattress outside of the 18th month window. This means that you can sleep secure, knowing that Idle Sleep stands behind their products for the rest of time.


Consumer Reviews: 5/5

Our encouragement to you, the buyer, is to not take our word for it. We advise that you listen to the thousands of excellent reviews that have been given by truly satisfied customers. Our team spends dedicated time going through written and video reviews on various websites and though we kept a keen eye for negative comments, there were none to be found. Everyone who has purchased a mattress from Idle Sleep has nothing but good things to say about them. 


From young couples who purchased their first mattress together and found that their concerns of sharing a mattress were nonexistent, to individuals who purchased the beds to use during College and to help support their bodies while playing various sports, a wide range of people are using and loving the mattresses by Idle Sleep.


We are confident you will too.




When you hear the name Bed In A Box, you may think of the generic catch-all term that is used to describe mattresses that are shipped in small boxes (and what this article is specifically discussing). You would not be wrong in your thinking – because the wording is very similar – but Bed In A Box is actually a specific company in this niche.


When you have a runny nose, do you ask for a tissue or a Kleenex? If your lips are dry, do you reach for your lip balm or Chapstick? If someone scrapes their leg, do you share some medical tape or a BAND-AID? These are all examples of brand names that we all associate with a type of product. All of these product names are so catchy, that the market has just adapted their names as the standard descriptor for the type of product.


The same is true for Bedinabox. They first started making mattresses back in 2006 and have really shaped the way for this niche of ordering beds online. If you are seeking a time-tested brand with products that have been serving customers for over a decade, look no further than BedInABox


Mattress Quality: 5/5

One of the main selling points that BedInABox has to offer is a true removal of ‘the middle man’. While many companies claim to do this, it’s actually quite rare when a mattress company manufactures its own bedding materials. However, this is the case with BedInABox. Their parent company produces all of the foam that makes up their final lineup.


What this means is that the final product is both as cheap as possible, as well as refined and controlled. There is no separation between production and retail because it is all under the same business umbrella. Secondly, the foam chemistry has been refined over more than a decade of producing foam specifically for bedrooms around the world. Lastly, keeping production all in-house (so to speak) allows for the final retail pricing to be as low as possible. This is one of BedInABox’s best advantages.


Price: 5/5

So far, we have covered some pretty exciting features that BedInABox has to offer. Get this though, We think that pricing may be BedInABox’s best selling point. Because of their aforementioned in-house material production, their final retail pricing is very appealing to anyone looking to spend less than the competition. We are talking premium memory foam mattresses that start at just under $500. The best BedInABox has to offer comes in at just $1,299 before any (commonly found) discounts or sales.


When compared to many other mattress brands in this niche, BedInABox has an extremely competitive pricing model that allows anyone to get a better night’s rest, for less money. 


Convenience + Features: 5/5

Ranging from 11” up to 13” of memory foam thickness and a variety of different layers to choose from, BedInABox has something for every type of sleeper. The Original is BedInABox’s original mattress from back in 2006. This one features two layers: a 3” layer of gel memory foam and an 8” layer of support memory foam. Both of these combine to offer a firmer feel for back sleepers.


If you step up to the Azul, there is the introduction of the third layer of foam that offers a more springy/spongy feel to the top layer. This helps your body to settle into the foam more evenly, thus making for a softer feel for people who enjoy sleeping on their back or their sides. In addition to the extra layer of foam, the Azul also receives a special cover that is designed to keep the bed feeling cool and dry.


After the Azul comes the Tranquilium which offers an additional inch of foam to the base support. The extra layer of foam helps to provide an extra level of cushioning especially for people who generally sleep on their sides.


New to the brand is Dual Hybrid which offers both traditional spring technology as well as layers of foam. Perhaps you have tried memory foam mattresses and do not personally care for how they tend to suck you into the surface. If you had hoped that springy mattresses are still a thing, you would actually be correct and BedInABox is here to show you their combinations of both. 


The mattress is 13” in total height, which is made up of 3” of three layers of foam and two layers of springs, stacked in alternating order. In their queen size, over 1,700 coils combine to offer you the most premium version of a spring-supported bed that you have ever experienced. This is not your grandma’s mattress.


Warranty/Customer Care: 4/5

BedInABox offers free shipping on all orders and returns. You get a 120 night trial period and a full refund with easy returns, if the product does not meet your expectations. Outside of that window, they have a standard 20-year warranty that covers any defects in the mattresses, should they occur. Lastly, everything is made in North Carolina, USA, so customer service is made easy if you are in North America.


Consumer Reviews: 5/5

With over 6,500, five-star reviews on BedInABox’s main website alone, you begin to understand why this niche was named after them. When you start to actually dig into the individual reviews, it is easy to see that thousands of people all around the world have all been experiencing better sleep, thanks to the innovations by BedInABox over the last 14 years.

Throughout our searching, we commonly found two things in peoples’ reviews: 1) they praised BedInABox for their budget-level pricing, and 2) couples who are older in age rave about getting the sleep they have not seen in years. One specific review even said, “Quality is the best. We have never slept this sound since we were much younger. Surprising is putting it mildly. Never guessed it would be anything like it is. Thank You so much. People need to try this, really.”



In Conclusion


If you are seeking to improve your quality of sleep now and do not want to go chasing endless amounts of reviews trying to make a decision, we highly recommend both of these two brands. They offer truly premium quality products that offer very different types of features and are backed by companies that have the interest of the customer in mind… And have done so for numerous years.